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Practice Areas

These are amongst a few of the many areas of work that the firm specialises in.
Employment Law



We provide sound advice on employment contracts, wrongful dismissal claims, summary dismissal as well as as advice on human resource policies in addition to matters pertaining to Ministry of Manpower prosecution.   




Family Law


We specialise in providing  sound advice on divorce, deed of separation, maintenance as well as applications for personal protection orders.

Whilst we believe that marriages should be saved, if there is an irretriavble breakdown of marriage, we do not believe in making it worse by fueling the fire.  


We have extensive trial experience.


We also believe in advocating for children's rights and believe that Counselling and Mediation is the way forward to resolving all such matrimonial disputes and thus allowing parties an opportunity to move on with their lives with dignity.  


Insurance  Law- Personal Injury Claims

We specialise in Motor Accident Insurance Claims involving both properyy Damage Claims and Personal Injury Claims both in the State Court and in the High Court of Singapore.


We act for both local Singaporeans and foreigners who are involved in such accidents.


We have extensive experience at the Centre of Dispute Resolution and in Assessment of Damages hearings.

Insurance Law - Industrial Accident Claims

We specialise in Industrial Accident claims involving injuries suffered by the claimants at their workplace in the course of their work.


We act for both local Singaporeans and foreigners who are involved in such worksite accidents in Singapore. 

Will, Probate & Administration

We provide guidance on the preparation of Wills and when the family member passes away, we provide extensive advice on the application for the Grant of the Letters of Aministration or the Grant of Probate. We also do resealing of Foreign Grants. We have also acted in matters where there are contested Probate matters.

Criminal Law


We believe that every accused person deserves to have legal representation and as such the firm does many pro bono matters to ensure that those accused persons without financial means are still able to receive legal advice.


For those accused persons who have a viable defence, we shall endevour to prove his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. We have extensive trial experience in handling matters where accused persons are charged with a variety of offences.


We believe that every accused person deserves a second chance at life  and we therefore support all endeavours to rehabilitate and re-introduce them into mainstream working life.   



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